Jävlaranamma blog

What is Jävlaranamma?


Jävlaranamma is a Swedish “power” or swear word (and even a punk band!). You might say it if you drop the hammer on your big toe. But don’t worry, it also has a much more inspiring meaning than that.

It is also a noun (commonly written as two words, jävlar anamma), and some synonyms (translated from Swedish) are fighting spirit, boldness, audacity, courage, drive, perseverance, and a measurement of passion for something.

Jävlaranamma is the closest equivalent to grit in Swedish.

I want to describe it as the passion, determination, drive, inner strength, perseverance, motivation & willpower to push through and keep going to get where you want and reach your goals.

But it also means courage, backbone, and the ability to stand up for yourself.

So why do I use this word for my blog and attitude, and not grit, since I write in English?

I think the word Jävlaranamma has a lot more power and coolness to it. That’s it!