Dumbbells in the gym


This has been another very good week, I’ve reached several post-injury milestones, and we’ve had some fabulous weather too!


I was really tired after very poor sleep over the weekend. And other than that? My hip flexors and adductors were screaming with DOMS after the Sunday session in my husband’s gym. Oops. I certainly didn’t do anything really heavy? But what I did was to use muscles that have only seen resistance bands since April. I could just barely do my PT knee lift walks! NOT a good thing when it’s my regular gym day… where light sessions don’t happen, like ever. (ok, it did once, but only because I had just recovered from Covid)

  • Warmup with leg raises – first on floor and then hanging from the dip machine
  • Leg extensions with resistance band
  • Hamstring curls with resistance band
  • Barbell row, 30 kgs
  • Tricep pullovers, 9 kg dumbbells
  • Flyes, 9 kg dumbbells
  • Push-ups
  • Lateral raise, 5 kg dumbbells
  • Shoulder shrugs, 8 kg dumbbells

Believe it or not, the leg extensions and hamstring curls went ok. The most painful move was to stretch my hips enough to get on the bench for the barbell row.
I was also happy to complete three decent sets of regular press-ups, from full position, despite stiff and achy toes. They’d better get used to it.


I started the day on the bike and did a few km but the route was way over my head (or legs!) and I stopped before the insane inclines started. I’ll have to choose a more suitable route for Thursday.

It was a lovely day so I spent some time in the garden with the camera. Generally, the garden looks like ***** after a summer when I’ve been unable to do any gardening, but existing plants are happy enough. The ongoing problem in this garden is that plants either don’t like where I’ve put them, or they like too much where they are, grow too large and I have to move them. That’s definitely the case with the cat mint – it’s huge!


Gym day!

  • Warmup with wall slides and – attempted split squats (not Bulgarian!)
  • Piriformis glute bridge
  • Side leg lifts with straight legs & resistance band
  • Barbell chest press 27,5 kgs
  • Flyes 9 kg dumbbells
  • Parachutes
  • Seated bent over raise, 5 kg dumbbells
  • Forward raise, 5 kg dumbbells

I was pleasantly surprised when my trainer asked me to try a split squat, and I happily accepted the challenge. It didn’t go particularly well, but at least I gave it a try, and there is this thing – every time I challenge the foot a bit further, I make a bit more progress. This foot needs to move! Of course the challenge has to happen gradually, but it has to happen. I’ll continue working on the split squats, they’re good for balance too.


On the Thursday I went to see my physiotherapist again. He was very happy with my progress and we discussed how to ramp up walking, what’s realistic when it comes to walking within the next month or two, my achy toes, and he had me do new challenging exercises. Overall a very good meeting and I got the thumbs up to now do my lifting in the gym on both my feet. Leg exercises will still be with resistance bands for another few weeks but I’ll start doing squats at home.

In the evening, to attend the slow tune session, I used the stairs instead of the lift. Even to get down! It worked ok and made me happy. It’s the little things in life!


Today was the first full day with my new physiotherapy program, and I must say I had a blast! I really enjoyed doing squats again, despite feeling stiff like an 80-year-old. Hips, knees and ankle mobility and overall leg strength needs some work but hey, I’m now doing it, I’m on my way back and this is a huge step in the right direction. My new program has added ankle mobility, soleus heel raises, isometric heel raises, step-downs, continued balance work, squats and more. It keeps me busy for sure!

In the gym, another post-injury milestone was reached with doing my lifting program without injury modification. My leg exercises are still with bands, but other than that, we’re back to normal. I stand up on my feet for shoulder lifts and barbell rows. This was such a wonderful feeling! The barbell row was challenging – but the hard part was to walk those few steps to put the bar back on the rack. My confidence that the foot works isn’t 100% there yet, but I’m working on it.

  • Warm-up with hanging knee raises and split squats
  • Single leg press with resistance band
  • Single leg raise with resistance band
  • Barbell row, 30 kgs
  • Tricep pullovers, 9 kg dumbbells
  • Flyes, 9 kg dumbbells
  • Barbell chest press, 30 kgs – yay!
  • Seated shoulder press, 6 kg dumbbells
  • Upright row, 17,5 kgs

My shoulders felt strong and well for those hanging knee raises which made me happy. The split squats are a work in progress because of my poor balance and achy toes but I’ll continue to work on them. They’re a good exercise.

My barbell chest press weight was increased today from 27,5 to 30 kgs. I wasn’t sure what to expect but did well and was very happy with it, I managed to do two full sets and then 9 reps out of 10 on the last set so not bad at all! Sadly afterwards my triceps were exhausted and I didn’t do great on the shoulder press. But the upright row – now standing up on both my feet – went very well.

I was so happy after this session! After everything going on during the last few months, even if I’m not “there yet”, I felt strong again.

My husband was going to work with a specific project over the weekend so we planned a soft evening at home, but had barely come inside the house when a lady knocked on the door. She invited us to come to a family gathering organised by a lovely gentleman who has created a community space at a crossroad a bit up the road from us, available for everyone to use. It is a lovely initiative and he has talked about arranging something there and that he wanted us to come and play some music. We decided to go and we had a great time! A bit of red wine, getting to know some new people and doing some tunes, what can possibly go wrong?


I had planned to go to a nearby village to try to take some photos for a camera club project. I would also get some walking done. We’ve had some fog the last few days and I was hoping to get some photos of the old abbey with fog over the water. Well, the photography plans were a total fail because down in the village the fog had totally lifted, and I hadn’t checked the tide! Afterwards when I looked at my photos, I also realised I had missed a fantastic photo opportunity that would have fitted the project perfectly. The weather was fantastic though and I enjoyed a lovely walk and took some photos just for pleasure.

I walked WAY too far. When I saw the physio on Thursday he recommended I walk three times a week and ramp it up from 1 km to maybe 1,5 to begin with. 1 km had my feet totally fatigued last weekend. Now I tracked the walk on my watch and ended up on 2.10 km. Ugh!! I walked over the bridge and back and then went into the old abbey. By the time I was ready to be picked up by my husband, my feet were an achy mess. So yes, I’ve learned my limits but I’m a bit annoyed that my feet get fatigued so fast.


I keep working on my PT program, and also hope to get some cycling done today. It’ll generally be a very slow day. Next week will be busy with my husband’s birthday, music stuff, work, and more.

I hope you are doing well and had a good week! What was the highlight of your week?

Thanks Kim and Deborah for hosting the Weekly rundown link-up!

24 responses to “Milestones”

  1. Debbie avatar

    I know it must be frustrating to add back your walking miles so gradually, but you’re making great progress, Suzanne. Keep it up and you’ll be back to normal walking in no time. I’m enjoying seeing your photos from your walks again, too!

    How fun to have the impromptu neighborhood gathering!

    1. Susanne avatar

      Yes, at the moment I feel I’m making progress with everything except walking, in terms of distance. At least I now walk with much less limp and that’s great but oh, how I wish I could walk a bit longer distances. But I hope/believe it will get better the more my feet get used to normal action again. And my ankle mobility exercises should help too.

  2. Deborah Brooks avatar

    Sounds like you are continuing to make progress every week. That’s all we can ask for even if it is not as fast as we would like. I feel that! Love the photos of your town looks so quaint and charming

    1. Susanne avatar

      Yes, at least progress is happening so I’ll focus on that even if it’s frustrating with such a long way back to my normal walking.
      This village is lovely and then I didn’t even share any photos of the colourful main street! If I had walked up there I’d ended up with 3+ km… shudder!

  3. Darlene S Cardillo avatar

    I love that abbey pic. You are a talented photographer.

    You are making progress… that’s a good thing.

    The highlight was holding my new granddaughter. and then there was that 5 mile run (with lots of walking but it’s done.)

    1. Susanne avatar

      Thank you, Darlene! I’m still only learning photography (but do we ever stop learning) but I’m loving it and I’m so happy to be able to go for camera walks again.
      And a total YES about the progress.
      I can imagine holding your granddaughter for the first time must have been very special!

  4. Jenny avatar

    Well, you’re keeping busy! This is all good news. Your strength and PT routines are GREAT- it will all lead to strong feet, ankles and legs! And I totally hear you on the DOMS- whenever I do anything different, even if it’s just bodyweight, I end up sore.
    I love the photos from your walk! It looks like a beautiful day.

    1. Susanne avatar

      Honestly I think after this rehab I’ll have stronger feet and lower legs than I ever had before. I’m so thankful for all the help I get from my PT, and from my trainer who keeps other parts of my legs as strong as possible during this time. And soon I’ll be deadlifting again!

  5. Wendy avatar

    What lovely photos! You’re making huge progress! And BTW, my feet hurt ALL THE TIME. I just ignore it at this point. I think it’s my rheumatoid arthritis.

    1. Susanne avatar

      Aaah I’m so sorry to hear about your painful feet! I hope mine will settle down as they get used to normal action again. My PT thinks I have arthritis in my big toes which is annoying, but I never had any big problems before the injury so I’ll just keep moving, and believe it’ll calm down. At least it is slowly improving. Months of inactivity certainly does nothing good to body parts that are designed to move!
      And yes, tons of progress!

  6. Kimberly Hatting avatar

    Every week, Susanne, I’m amazed at your continued progress! Way to go, and keep up the great work 😉 I love your photography!

    1. Susanne avatar

      Thank you Kim! Yes, new week, new progress being made!

  7. San avatar

    Sounds like you’re on a really good path, Susanne! Exciting!

    And the pictures you took are beautiful. The old abbey looks so cool.

    1. Susanne avatar

      Definitely exciting times! I barely have the courage to believe it.
      The abbey is a lovely place for walks, especially if you’re into history and old stuff. Some people think it’s weird to walk around old gravestones and the likes but I find it fascinating especially when the building is from the 1200s!

  8. Chocolaterunsjudy avatar

    Sounds like a fantastic week! You are doing great, and I think it’s really totally normal to overdo things sometimes. We just forget, or we feel good in the moment.

    Thanks so much for including your garden photos! The photos of the old Abbey are beautiful, too.

    That gathering sounds divine. I wish we had something like that in our neighborhood, but then again, we’re not so rural.

    1. Susanne avatar

      Yes, it was easy to get too much walking done there. It was more about taking photos than walking so I just kept moving.
      In our area there are quite a few social events like that one, but perhaps not usually at a crossroad! The pub culture in rural areas is a lot like that – pubs are meeting places more than anything else. I love that but we’ll see how long it will last.

  9. Marcia avatar

    Sounds like you’re making a strong comeback! Congrats on the milestones! Your photos are gorgeous!

    1. Susanne avatar

      Thanks Marcia! I’m happy to have come so far!

  10. Jenn avatar

    You are getting stronger every day.

    This was kind of a long week. Loved spending time with my parents on Saturday, and serving the band kids dinner on Friday. Those are always wonderful things.

    Love your garden photos.

    1. Susanne avatar

      Definitely lovely to get some family time. I had planned to maybe go to Sweden to see my parents in August but obviously wasn’t even close to being ready when it comes to the ability to walk through airports, get on trains etc.

  11. Catrina avatar

    It’s easy to overdo walking when you’re in such a beautiful area! I love your photos!
    What was the photo opportunity that you missed?

    Also, I love that neighbourhood gathering. What a lovely initiative and how nice that you could contribute with some music. I bet everyone thoroughly enjoyed that.

    1. Susanne avatar

      I’m still annoyed over that missed photo opportunity! When I looked through my photos in Lightroom and zoomed in on one of the photos of the abbey, I saw a bird sitting at the edge of a water puddle (the tide was out) and in the water you could see the reflection of the abbey. It was the absolutely perfect photo – IF I had used my zoom lens and set the focus accordingly! Aargh!

  12. Maria avatar

    You are one busy lady ! I really enjoyed the fall photos you shared. Your area is gorgeous.

    1. Susanne avatar

      Yes, keeping active is the way to go!
      I love this area – soon I can go for more proper walks around where I live too. Those photos are from another village. I’ve avoided walking around home because of some steep hills, but I’ll be ready for them soon.

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